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This web page is dedicated to the Photoshop / Photography User’s Group which is run by the group at Scott's Digital Photo Magic.

The User’s Group is open to the public and is dedicated to the teaching and learning of digital photography and Photoshop on a budget, while having a lot of fun doing it.  This page is where class subjects and tutorials will be posted. .  Enjoy!!

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Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 22nd at 6 PM in the "Holly Room" at Medford Leas. Subject: "Putting it all together, shooting the subject, cutting them out and putting them in a new background, trying with a green screen and without".

The pictures above are from a recent 50’s party. Only Photoshop was used to cut the couple out and change the background. No plug-ins were used.

We will meet in the "Holly Room" at the facility. Directions and location can be found at the Medford Leas web site at:



Video's :

1. Resetting the tools in Photoshop and Elements - Video

2. Create a clipping path to mimic layer mask in Elements (3 parts) Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

3. Demo of Portrait Professional, portrait editing software - Video

4. Using Levels to adjust color in old photos - Video

5. Why use 16-bit files over 8-bit files for adjustments - Video

6. Creative background changing in Photoshop and Elements - Video

Download File (To download file, right-click on "Download File", then select "save target as.." to save to hard drive)

7. Getting use to playing around in Photoshop and Elements - Video

Download File

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